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HI | Medical Abbreviations

Medical Abbreviations


Abbreviation: HI
1 Haemophilus influenzae also H flu, HIF
2 harmonic imaging
3 head injury
4 health insurance
5 hearing impaired
6 heart infusion
7 heat inactivated
8 heat input
9 hemagglutination inhibition (titer) also HAI
10 hemorrhagic infarction
11 hepatic insufficiency
12 hepatobiliary imaging
13 high impulsiveness
14 histamine
15 homicidal ideation
16 hormone dependent
17 hormone insensitive
18 hospital induced
19 hospital insurance
20 human insulin
21 humoral immunity
22 hydrogen iodide
23 hydroxyindole
24 hyperglycemic index
25 hypoglycemic index
26 hypomelanosis of Ito
27 hypothermic ischemia

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