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TAT | Medical Abbreviations

Medical Abbreviations


Abbreviation: TAT
1 tandem autotransplants
2 tandem transplant
3 Tell a Tale (psychiatry)
4 tetanus antitoxin
5 thematic apperception test
6 thematic aptitude test
7 thrombin-antithrombin
8 thrombin-antithrombin III
9 thromboplastin activation test
10 till all taken
11 total abdominal fat
12 total adipose tissue
13 total antitryptic activity
14 toxin-antitoxin also TA
15 transactivator of transcription
16 transaxial tomogram
17 transplant-associated thrombocytopenia
18 transverse axial tomography
19 tray agglutination test
20 treponemal antibody test
21 triple advancement transposition
22 tumor activity test
23 turnaround time
24 tyrosine aminotransferase

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